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There have been some questions on how the rest of the season was going to be ran and some slight confusion on age groups, please read below for full description on how we are handling this extended unprecedented season.

To clarify the age group questions, here are the cliffnotes version.

  • ​You will remain in the same age group if you're not a new rider. 

  • All new riders will start in their age group as of September 1, 2020. 
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Everyone is welcome to all of our meetings and we would love to see you there!​

 If you would like to attend send me an email requesting to be added to the distribution list.
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Dear CVSC Members and Families,

We hope you and your family are in good health and enjoying your family time during these unprecedented circumstances. As you may be aware the Town of Queen of Creek has cancelled all shows scheduled at Horseshoe Park until August 31st because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have resolved to place our current season on hold. Our season will continue with the September show through our last show in 2021.  

So, what does this mean? 

·Board members and Directors will remain the same.  
·Age groups will remain the same, no movement will take place. 
·Accumulated points will remain with the rider.  
·We have received seven member sponsors, Thank You; these will remain with the member.  
·Current year-end qualifications will remain in place.  
·We will have lots to celebrate at our Awards Banquet in 2021!

We are always looking for new members to join our wonderful Club and they will be placed in their correct age division and have to meet the current year-end qualifications. Invite your friends to come ride with us!

We are currently finalizing our upcoming show dates and will post them as soon as we can. In the meantime, keep riding, training and smiling we will see you all in September!


Your CVSC Executive Board


  • Must Attend 8 of 15 shows
  • Volunteer at least two shows - make sure to fill out the volunteer sheet located at the sign up table
  • ​Members must obtain a sponsorship of $100.00 (individual member = $100.00; family membership = $100.00
 press on link for full details
Valley Humane Society 
(Casa Grande No Kill Shelter)

Thank you to our amazing club members who donated, it was a great success! They took alot of needed supplies from food to beds to some monetary donations and I'm happy to announce 2 out of 4 dogs got a new forever home! 

For more details click here!​
Next show
December 12th 
@ 10:00 am

*Time onlys will start at 9:00 am and will promptly stop at 9:45 am

*Each rider will have 1 minute to complete their turn, please be ready to go by the gate

*Horse Shoe Park & Equestrian Center 

*Click on the link for directions