- Boots or shoes with a clearly defined heel and long pants must be worn while in     the arena.

- A saddle or a speed saddle must be used while in the arena.

- Alcoholic beverages usage and or consumption must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the area grounds, local, state & federal government.

- Use of any illegal substance of any kind is strictly prohibited by riders on the grounds. One warning will be given; any repeat offense will result in automatic dismissal of the rider and/or guests). No points will be given to the rider for that day.

- The use of profanity or abusive language by any contestant will result in disqualification from that event and could result in disqualification from the entire gymkhana.

- It is the responsibility of the rider to understand the pattern of each event ridden.

- There will be no running of a horse outside the arena, with the exception of inside the warm up arena and then only for the purpose of warming up the horse (no racing or reckless running).

- There will be no running into the arena. This is for the safety of all riders and animals.

- There will be no refunds after entries are paid.

- If a timer failure occurs, the rider has the option of up to two re-rides. If the second re-ride is taken, it voids the first re-ride and the rider must take the time given during the second re-ride.

- Once a rider breaks a timer, the pattern is considered a no time. The rider may correct their horse to finish the pattern, but may not run it again after the timer is broken.

- If a rider falls off their horse it is considered a no time and they must vacate the arena.

- No cameras, especially flash photography, are permitted inside the arena while a horse is present, unless it is an approved photographer.
    *List of approved photograpers:
        - Charmayne Rahorn Photography 
        - Keith Kuttler Photos 

- Handlers must wait at the entry gate as soon as the rider begins to run.

- Any act of discourtesy or disobedience toward any arena Official, in and out of the arena, will result in disqualification for the duration of the show.

- Any discrepancies in times or patterns must be brought to the attention of the arena judges immediately, prior to the next rider entering the arena.

- After crossing the timer, a rider has a maximum of two minutes to complete the pattern and exit the arena.

- The rider may ride more than one horse in the same division, but points will only count for one of the horses. Selection of the "point" must be decided at the time of entry.

- The age of the rider as of September 1 of the first half of the season will  determine the age group the rider will be placed in for that year.

- The contestant or the contestant's legal guardian must sign all entries and  release forms before entering the arena.

- A five-second penalty will be taken for each prop that is knocked down in all events except the flag race. Props knocked down in the flag race will result in a no time.

- Line Judges will be used for any event requiring small barrels. A CVSC official will appoint the line judges. The line judge(s) decision is considered final.

- Riders are allowed 1 minute to get into the arena once they're called to run, otherwise they will be rolled to the end. If they are called and waited on again they will be scratched from that event.

- You only get 1 minute in the arena per time only and you must make sure to give those tickets to the gate person before you go into the arena to run so they know how long you have.


✨ In an effort to speed up the show, we will be pushing for pre-entries:
  - This includes making sure you have signed and HANDED IN your entry form if you paid with Venmo/Zelle
  ❗️If you entered and paid but can’t make it you will be fully REFUNDED your entry, but please try to give notice if you will not be there. 
  - If you are SHARING A HORSE please include that in your pre-entry comment
  - We will still be starting entries at 8:30am on DAY shows to give you ample time to get entered and ready for time onlys if you are participating in them! 

✨ For all future shows we will have wings set up so please be ready in the wings when your drag is called in order to keep everyone rolling through! 
  - We will also be having barrels lined up at the CENTER of the barrel, so if you are a barrel setter, please place it back accordingly. 


‼️ ALL RIDERS **including lead line** MUST be holding a set of reins on their horse. If the rider is being PHYSICALLY ASSISTED during their run, the leader MUST BE HOLDING A LEAD ROPE and may NOT be holding onto the contestants reins. 
✨ We will also be STRONGLY suggesting that all lead line riders have properly fitted stirrups in the arena to avoid injury. 
  - Remember for all lead line riders, the ONE leader must cross the timer side-by-side the horse, not in front because the timer won’t trip properly. 


- Applicable age groups 18 and under

- Tying strings can be piggin strings, braided goat string, or rope.

- Timer will be 100 feet from stake; goat will be tied to stake with a 10 foot in length rope.

- Stake will be completely underground so no part of stake is showing above ground.

- Contestant rides horse across timer to goat, then dismounts her/his horse, runs over to goat (goat must be standing on four feet) must throw goat to ground and tie three legs. The tie can be one or more wraps, and a half hitch, hooey, or knot.

- The 3-8 age group will only pull a ribbon off the goat's tail. Judges may hold horse and as the rider dismounts for added safety. This is up to the judges discretion.

- After the tie is made, contestants will raise hands for time to stop.

- Contestant must stand clear of the goat and make no gestures, movements or noise for a period of 6 seconds.

- Contestant must be at least three feet from goat after tie is made.

- For time to be good, the goat must remain tied for the 6 second period.

- Goat Director will advise if the run is good.

- If the goat does not stay tied, or the contestant comes in contact with the goat he/she will receive a no time.

- If contestant's horse crosses over 10 foot goat rope or goat at any time while the timer is running there will be a 10 second penalty added to contestant's time.

- Small goats will be used in the younger two age groups, medium goats will be used in the next age group, and large goats will be used in the oldest age group.

- Any horns will be taped, wrapped or tipped.

- No goat will be used more than 5 consecutive times, unless it is in the goat tail pull for the 3-8 age group.

- Goat holders will be designated by Goat Director or Arena Director.

- Goat Director can step in if the horse crosses the line if the goat or horse seems to need it for any safety reasons.

- Contestants are not allowed to be goat holders.

- Any contestant who has a helper or who has assistance inside the arena beyond the timer line will have 10 seconds added on to their time.

- If the goat becomes unsuitable for use, it will be replaced by another goat decided by Goat and Arena Director.

- For the 3-8 age group: Judges may hold horse and as the rider dismounts for added safety. This is up to the judges discretion.

-Goats points for the lead line age groups will not transfer towards all around year end. We will still have goats points, buckles and other awards for year end.